Chrysler, Jeep, RAM, Dodge and Fiat Aesthetic Service at Capitale Chrysler

A look that meets your expectations

At Capitale Chrysler, we provide our customers with a department dedicated to the aesthetics of their vehicle. A variety of treatments are available to meet your needs, from complete interior and exterior washes to windshield treatments, as well as our particularly attractive seasonal aesthetic packages. Enhance the look of your Chrysler, Jeep, RAM, Dodge and Fiat and ensure its longevity! Our team is here to enhance the appearance of your car. Explore all the aesthetic services available at Capitale Chrysler.

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Is your car showing signs of wear?

Have the effects of sun, dust, abrasives and calcium altered the original appearance of your vehicle? Make an appointment at our auto detailing center at Capitale Chrysler to give your car its new appearance! Whether for repair, cleaning or paint decontamination, our expert team is there to take careful care of your vehicle!


Paint decontamination involves careful cleaning with special products, which eliminate all contaminants affecting the paint: bird droppings, dust, sand, brake residue, etc. This step is crucial, especially if you plan to apply a protective wax. This way, your car will regain all its shine and you will protect its paint for many years!


A complete wash, interior and exterior, including shampooing fabrics and carpets, will restore your vehicle's original shine. A deep cleaning, like that carried out by our automobile detailing center in Quebec, is incomparable even if you regularly vacuum your car.

Our other auto detailing services include headlight polishing, body scratch repair, engine degreasing, application of fabric and leather protectants, and much more.


In the event of an accident, our car detailing center in Capitale Chrysler can repair your car, replace damaged parts and carry out dent removal from the bodywork, in order to restore its original appearance.

Car maintenance

Our car maintenance service is at your disposal for all repairs, small or large, as well as for routine maintenance work: changing tires, changing oil, servicing, etc.

As you can see, Capitale Chrysler offers much more than just a car detailing center in Quebec: we offer a complete range of services, all under one roof! Don't wait any longer, come see us to make an appointment with our experts now!